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The stone hut

From   58 €

Well sheltered from the wolf, you risk nothing !!!

I can accommodate 6 people and I have one bedroom with a double bed and another with 2 bunk beds.


I have a dining area for 6, a small terrace.

You will find a wood stove and a small wood oven to receive the wolf!

I also have electricity and a private dry toilet leaning against my north wall.


I am very cool in summer because my roof is green.

The sanitary facilities are a hundred meters away.

You will find sheets which are provided as well as the breakfast which will be brought to you on your private terrace.


I welcome you from 4 p.m. We will say: "Goodbye, see you soon" before 11 am.

Unusual family accommodation in the Vosges

cabane pierre et bois vue de loin printe

The stone cabin is an accommodation that can accommodate up to 6 people, it is equipped with 4 single bunk beds and a double bed. The house is divided into 3 zones, the parent zone with 1 bed of 140 * 190 cm, the children's zone with 2 bunk beds of 90 * 140 cm and the day zone with a table, benches and chairs and a wood stove.

Staying in the stone huts with a burning stove is much safer to protect yourself from the wolf.

Fortunately Christophe your host has planned a labyrinth of flues in order to be well protected!

This cabin has a private terrace as well as a dry toilet backing onto your accommodation.

In the main building next to the reception you will find the sanitary facilities which are shared.

The equipped kitchen area is semi outdoor, so you have the luxury of cooking in the middle of nature while being sheltered from the rain. You will find what you need to cook yourself a simple meal, not a gourmet dinner.

For catering, I invite you to take the meal at the table d'hôte, dinner can be brought to your cabin or taken together, several restaurants are available in the area.

Breakfast is brought to you every morning throughout your stay at your terrace.It is a continental breakfast consisting of baguette, homemade sourdough bread (when Christophe has time to do it!), Butter, juice of fruits, organic sugar, assortment of homemade jams and hot drinks.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Unusual accommodation in the Vosges forest

The story of the 3 little pigs

cabane pierre ciel bleu.jpg

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who lived with their mom in a small house. One day, the mother called her three sons and said to them: I would like you to leave here and build your house, she said, but take care that it is very solid so that the big bad wolf cannot enter and you. eat !

The first little pig met a man carrying a bale of straw. Can I have straw to build my house? asked the little pig.
And the man gave him straw.

The second little pig had met a man carrying a load of wood. - Can I have some pieces of wood to build my hut? asked the little pig.
And the man gave him the wood.

The third little pig had met a man loaded with stones. - Please, sir, asked the 3rd little pig, can I have some stones to build my house?

And the man gave him stones to build a great, solid house with a fireplace near which one could sit and eat.

The three little pigs were walking happily home when the wolf saw them. Ah!

- How tender they must be! Which one will I eat first? murmured the wolf, licking his lips ...

You will discover the rest in your house!

unusual cabins and children's stories

The story of the 3 little pigs

Les enfants des bulles

Coming with friends or family, the clearing of Verbamont is ideal for small groups or lovers of Natre. You are immersed in the heart of the forest, here no swimming pool, Jacuzzy, luxury chalet or Finnish kota. At verbamont, it's simple, authentic, friendly and at an affordable price.

We call each other by first name and we like to share or spend together a moment of laughter around a large wooden game, a solar game.

Ecology here is not greeen washing. We are developing low tech techniques with our mill bike, our solar dryer and our solar cookers.

You can also test our games with friends or play against your shadow!

The garden follows the principles of permacultures or other natural gardening techniques and you will find on site a seed library to exchange seeds free of rights. More than an unusual family accommodation, it is a nature stay concept that we are developing in the Vosges forest.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Many hikes, whether on site at the estate in the heart of the great Darney forest known for its magnificent trees or in the Vosges mountains, lakes of Bouzey, lake of Retournemer, lake of Longemer, lake of Xonrupt or lake of Gérardmer . There is plenty to do here for an outing or a weekend in the Vosges Lorraine

Family stay in Lorraine

The story of the 3 little pigs

Feu de camp la nuit

Campfires are a tradition at the verbamont clearing, it is the spirit of camping, the campfire:

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Finally, in an ecological car-free campsite, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, a cozy campfire at night has its place. The campfire has its role in our quest for simplicity and a return to basics.

It allows us to find ourselves and reconnect with nature. And it's so much fun with friends or with your children!

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

At the Clairière du Verbamont, several campfire areas are available:



  • TV HOMOSAPIENS (for philosophers !!),

  • JUST FOR 2 (for lovers)

  • some evenings scandinavian candles

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

We also have mobile braziers and collective BBQs at your disposal. Wood ask Christophe for more information.

nature weekend in group

The story of the 3 little pigs

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