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Campfires, the spirit of camping

Fire. a great animation of the campsite… But finally, in an ecological campsite without cars, far from the urban excitement, a warm campfire at night has its place. The campfire has its own role in our quest of simplicity and back to basics goals.

It allows us to find ourselves, to reconnect.


At the Clairière du Verbamont, several campfire areas are available:



  • HOMOSAPIANS TV (for philosophers !!),

  • JUST FOR 2 (for lovers)

some evenings Scandinavian candles


We also have mobile braziers (see our internal regulations for security) and collective BBQs at your disposal.

Dry wood inquire with Christophe.

Some ideas of games to do around the fire

Contemplate alone or with others, discuss, remake the world around a good bottle, everyone will appreciate, but I offer you a list of ideas of games to do around the bonfires of course while respecting the tranquility of other campers / cabanners.

Here is our list of games !!

The famous phone

We can't escape it! This game is always a success for groups of all ages and sizes. A designated person invents a sentence and whispers it in the ear of his immediate neighbor, and so on until the sentence goes around the campfire. Of course, the last person has to say it out loud ... And often, that doesn't mean anything at all! Crazy laughter guaranteed!

The game of questions
A designated person must think of an object (a place, a person, etc.) and the others must ask as many questions as necessary to find out what they are thinking. To complicate matters, we must favor questions that can only be answered with yes or no: is it eaten, is it green, etc. Variants can also be created, by imposing a specific subject or by limiting the number of questions.

Guess the song
ach in turn, the participants must hum some notes of a popular song and the others must guess which song it is. The first to have the right answer continues. More practical when we don't all speak the same language!

The circle of poets (not missing)
A person begins by reciting the first sentence of a poetry, real or invented. The next must recite the rest of the poem, making sure that the words rhyme. You can choose a single rhyme for the whole poem or agree on the form in advance, for example, decide to change the rhyme after 3 or 4 sentences. There is always someone to make others laugh with original finds!

A collective history
In the same vein as the previous game, this is about inventing a story. Each person takes turns saying 3-4 sentences. Obviously, around a campfire, we like to tell ourselves scary stories of ghosts and wild beast. Remember to not terrorize the youngest!

And finally: we sing!
With the sound of the guitar it's even better, in the respect of all, to comply with the regulations, we can also hum.

The sound of the owl while a group of singer humming around the fire is something magical !!!


For reasons of security, particularly meteorological, it may happen that campfires are prohibited, please respect the instructions of the internal regulations and post them at the reception or in the kitchen area. For safety and for everyone's comfort, keep campfires with a flame height of maximum 80 cm. For security, you will find a fire extinguisher in each cabin, in the kitchen area, at the entrance of the reception.

Camping with authorized campfire, camper and campfires

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