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Glamping holiday in France, a small campsite for a great experience

Go glamping in a small campsites in France

Why glamping ?Glamping is a term that combines the words “glamorous” and “camping.”Because we are small, no we are tiny ! and also because we do all ourselves from the construction of the hut to the jams you will taste for your breakfast. You will taste in our little piece of quietness the feeling of love for the nature. Our accomodation are all inspired of the story of the fairy tales, you can come for a just a night or for a longer stay to experience Nature in the magnificent Vosges forest.


glamping in france

The straw hut

The first met Christophe, carrying a strawbale. Can I have a little bit of straw to build my house? "Asked the little pig

Equipment & Services

la belle hutte d'un camping nature
french glamping spot
cabanes insolites dans les vosges
location cabane insolite pas cher
cabane insolite tout compris
cabane insolite en automne

2 pers.

1  double bed

breakfast included

wooden stove


€ 58

camping on farm in France

The wooden hut

The second met Christophe, who was transporting wood. a bundle of straw. Can I have a few pieces of wood to build my house? "Asked the little pig. And Christophe helped him, they used different species of fir wood, giant thuja, willow, pine, beech, oak.

idée week end insolite pour une famille de 4 personnes
dormir dans une cabane insolite en alsace lorraine
Equipment & Services
ecolodge en france
nuits insolites dans la forêt
dormir dans un hébergement insolite au printemps
séjour insolite en lorraine

4 pers.

1 double

2 single

breakfast included

wooden stove


€ 58

glamping with a dog

the stone hut

hébergements insolites vosges

The third pig met Christophe, carrying a wheelbarrow with stones.

"Can I have these stones to build a house?"

And they built this house together. Sure the wolf will not come to blow this little house !!!

sejourner dans un petit camping dans les vosges

Equipment & Services

idée weekend Vosges en famille
Idée week end famille de 6 personnes
camping ecolo pour cet été
meilleur camping quand il y a la canicule

6 pers.

1 double

4  singles

breakfast included

wooden stove


€ 58

Discover also the Hansel & Gretel hut

Glamping spot for your holiday in France

The Hansel & Gretel hut

glamping spot grand est
glamping vosges

Rediscover the imagination of the famous children's story in this cabin that can accommodate 4 people.

It is equipped with a double alcove bed and 2 single beds. With a direct view of the forest, it is ideal for bird lovers

Equipment & Services
cadeau pour les amoureux en lorraine
idée cadeau pour une personne qui aime la nature
idée cadeau pour une personne qui aime la randonnée
camping ouvert toute l'année dans les Vosges

4 pers.

1 double

2  singles

breakfast included

electric heater


€ 58

glamping ideas in France
Why You Should Try Glamping at a Tiny Campsite in France This Summer
What is Glamping?

Camping is not just for the outdoors type. It's also a great way to make memories and enjoy yourself with friends. Glamping provides you with all the comforts of home while still being outside and enjoying nature. Choosing a small campsite allow you to get better value for money and also a different contact with your host.

Camping can be a great way to get value for money. If you travel with a group of people, it is often cheaper to go camping than stay in a hostel. Group tents are also good for keeping costs down.

How you can get the Most out of a Short Camping Trip

Camping with little kids is not easy. It can be messy, exhausting and stressful. But it doesn't have to be that way! With these few tips, any camping trip will be a success.

Camping is a great way to get out into nature, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the fresh air. But before you pack up your gear, make sure you have these few tips in mind.

The benefits of Glamping in France

Glamping in France offers the best of both worlds. It combines the luxuriousness of a high-end hotel with the rustic atmosphere of camping. In our campsites, because it’s small and tiny we could give a impression about what we thing about glamping.

The Best Places to go Glamping in France this Summer

In the Alsace and Lorraine region of France, there are many beautiful campsites available for holidaymakers. If you are planning to visit this region, then make sure to do your research before you arrive. At the Verbamont, we built our huts and cabins ourselves.

How to Prepare for Your Trip- The Glampers Guide To French Campsites

The Glampers Guide To French Campsites is a book that provides information on the best campsites in France and how to prepare for your trip, you can find us in this book or on the net

This book will teach you how to plan your trip and what to do, when you are there. It will also provide you with a list of the best campsites in France so that you can find one that suits your need


Small french campsites for great glamping

glamping with a dog France campsites

Why Glamping is the Perfect Way to Enjoy Your Next Vacation In France With Your Dog
Glamping in our campsites provides you the possibility to come with your dog even in our cabin. There is a small cost of 7 € whatever how long your stay and how many dogs you come with. You can come with a small size, a medium size or a big size dogs with short or long hairs.
The only thing we ask is to keep your dogs in leash and to have a non aggressive animal.
Where To Find The Best Glamping Site For You and Your Dog In France
In our campsites you can come with your dog free of charge for camping, camper or caravan pitch
How to Plan A Vacation To France As A Dog Owner!
The idea of going on vacation with a pet is daunting for many. Yet, the pet industry has not been disrupted like the travel industry. This means that most dog owners are still having to find last-minute vacation rentals or pay for expensive hotels where pets are not allowed. You won’t be face to that in our little campsite
The stone rental is a lodge that can accommodate up to 6 people, it is equipped with 4 single bunk beds and a 140 * 190 double bed. The house is divided into 3 areas, the parents area with 1 double bed. 140 * 190 cm, the children's area with 2 bunk beds of 90 * 140 cm, the day area with a table, benches and chairs and a log stove provided of course.
Staying in the stone huts with a burning stove is much safer against the wolf.
Fortunately Christophe your host has planned a labyrinth of smoke pipes in order to be well protected from the wolf!
This accommodation has a private terrace as well as a dry toilet backing onto your accommodation.

glamping in france with dog

campsite on farms in France

Where and How to Go for an Awesome Holiday in a farm in east of France ?

France is a country of beautiful landscapes and amazing cities. If you are looking for a great holiday to experience the French culture and nature, you should consider going to the east of France.

The east of France is a region that has been overlooked for decades but it is finally starting to get the attention it deserves as an area worth visiting. The region has many things to offer, from beautiful scenery and great food, to charming villages and interesting history. The best part about this region is that it’s just a short drive away from Paris or Calais.

Camping in a farm is a great way to enjoy nature in family, in organic or traditionnal farm you can also have the possibility to buy product from the farmers, pet animals. The kids love it.

Camping is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature. In this age of instant gratification and constant contact, camping is an opportunity to disconnect from our digital lives, slow down and take a step back. Camping in a farm can be an even more fulfilling experience because it offers a chance to reconnect with our natural surroundings while still feeling like home.

Designed for 4 people, the Hansel and Gretel lodge is a trailer for a family. Access is at the end of the campsite near the forest in a peaceful, quiet area, in the trees, this lodge trailer is isolated and equipped with electric heating, a dining area for parents and children, 2 single beds of 90 * 190 and 1 double bed of 140 * 190, dry toilets leaning against your nests and a terrace area. The shower area is shared. Cabanes is decorated with a special taste for candies, hearts and gingerbread. It is a cozy cabin suitable for all families or lovers. It will be the favorite spot for adventurers, hiking and nature enthusiasts, open the window and touch the leaves. A crazy charm ... A cheap glamping offer since the price is from 58 to 78 € per night depending on the season, the price of the additional person is 10 € including breakfast, This rental is not suitable for a cot or for people with reduced mobility. A common sanitary corner is on the other side of the campsite but you will find the common kitchen and a water point closer..

camping on farms in france

glampig in France

The unusual cabins of the campsite  Clairière du verbamont are located in the heart of the Darney forest, Vosges, Lorraine.

1 hour from Epinal, Nancy, Vesoul.

2 hours from Mulhouse, besançon, chaumont, metz, sarrebourg

3 hours from Strasbourg, Alsace, Reims or Champagne.

Open in March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and closed in December, January, February. I welcome you every day from spring until All Saints' Day. The Easter holidays are a wonderful time with games for children around Easter and the sun becoming more present.

The All Saints' Day holidays with halloween activities are a special time to experience the Indian summer with superb landscapes.

A little further you will find the Vosges mountains and the lakes of Xonrupt, lake of Bouzey, lake of Gérardmer, lake of the crows but also closer to the superb lake of Coné fountain lost in the middle of the state forest. The beautiful valley of the Ourche is also worth visiting as well as the glassworks of La Rochère instead of glassworking in France, the Prehistoric Park and the visit of the Delisvosges candy factory, ... Many activities for your unusual stay in Vosges while your touring France during your holidays

touring campsite in France

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