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Unusual place in the Vosges for a wedding, a domain to privatize in Lorraine


In search of an atypical, unusual and natural place for a group stay, the Verbamont clearing welcomes:

  • family gatherings,

  • birthdays

  • atypical business seminars,

  • hiking groups, cycling france tour, motorbike international trips


The Verbamont clearing is a place that can be privatized, so there is no risk of disturbing other campers or "hutters".

what you will find:
  • large spaces

  • cabins made with taste

  • natural spaces

  • a structure and expertise in welcoming groups of all sizes

  • rabbits in freedom ;-)

  • eco-responsibility (compost, sorting, dry toilets, ...)


What you will not find:
  • cars on the campsite

  • disposable plastic dishes

  • light all night to preserve the starry sky

  • Sleep in homemade accommodation

  • Waking up with birdsong

  • light a wood fire in his cabin and listen to the crackling

  • Discover new flavors at the table d'hôte

  • Play detanque together (the quirky quirky game of camping),

  • "remake" the world around the campfire,

  • share the famous pizzas together, try to grind the flour by pedaling,

  • try big wooden games

  • An evening to hum around the fire,

  • chatting lying in the grass or in a hammock

  • Enjoy a chocolate mint tea or a glass of wine

  • Hike through the woods

  • Impress yourself in front of one of the highest sequoias in France


lieu insolite mariage lorraine

Are you looking for a country place for your wedding?

The clearing of Verbamont is an area that can be privatized which will allow you to welcome all your guests for this festive event in this rustic reception venue. We are located in the heart of the Vosges forest in the magnificent Darney forest. Our exclusive formula over several days will allow you to prepare your wedding serenely. There is a possibility of secular ceremony in the park or on the edge of the forest. Possibility of country meals or around world cuisines.

Ideal for organizing a low budget wedding for nature lovers or a multi-day wedding.

As guests can sleep on site in our cabins or in tents, you will have peace of mind and can celebrate in peace.

Christophe will provide you with advice for the organization of this type of event. Having previously worked in the event industry, he knows your needs and will be able to respond to them and advise you on service providers in line with your values.

You will also have the possibility of renting marquees to secure your weekend from any rain.

Swedish torches, campfires, great cooperative games, Who is this giant, barbecues, after pizzas, some ideas to give you an idea of the type of reception that we can organize here.

Your guests' children will also have room to play in the giant playhouse or with the animals in the wild. No swimming pool on the estate for everyone's safety. Little traffic too, you are in the middle of the woods!

300 m from the estate, one of the tallest redwood trees in France, a beautiful magical place to take your photos. The permaculture garden is also an unusual place to take your photo.

Want your D-day to go green?

Here, no luxury, no frills, it's a country wedding in a warm and authentic place that you want to get married, not locked in a reception room but open to nature.

However, we have rooms at your disposal but very small in size, they can be used for children.

You are in the middle of the forest so the noise constraints are limited unlike a hotel, a castle or a farm barn for example.

The verbamont clearing is located 1 hour from Nancy, 2 hours from Metz, not far from Vittel, Epinal, Moselle, Meurthe and Moselle and the surrounding villages are: Fontenoy le château, Bains les bains, Montmotier, Trémonzey, les voivres , Monthureux sur saône, Lironcourt, chatillon sur saône, grignoncourt, Senaide, fouchecourt, Isches, Mont les lamarche, Sans vallois, Dommartin, Esley, Senonges, Dombasles in front of darney, Bonvillet, Relanges, Belmont les darney, Nonville, Bleurville, Viviers le gras, Provenchères les darney, Saint baslemont, Charmois l'orgueilleux, Harol, Grandrupt de bains, Gruey les surance, Claudon, Hennezel, Godoncourt, Martinvelle, Regnevelle

Rather than a farm or a farmhouse where you will be constrained by the constraints of noise, being in the middle of the woods is synonymous with freedom.

Which theme to choose?

For a country wedding, the choice of colorimetry also remains one of the main topics. For such a theme, you have to go for colors close to the field of nature. Beige, brown, fern green… represent the perfect palette for country decor. To bring a touch of lightness, mix them with pastel tones such as stem green or powder pink. For a touch of elegance, you can go for stronger tones, such as burgundy or copper.
As for materials, we once again favor naturalness, with wood, linen, rattan and straw. A rustic and warm touch that will reinforce the impression of authenticity and simplicity. Created from scratch by its owner, the Verbamont will surprise you with its organic and raw shapes and the theme around children's stories. I'm sure you already have an idea for incorporating this into your marriage.

Flowers are from the garden!

Here no disposable dishes, we lend them to you, no flowers from the other side of the world, we have what you need here or in the surrounding forest. Flax, nigella, cosmos, calendula, daisy, honeysuckle, ipomée, wild oregano,… These are flowers that are not usually found in wedding decorations but this is what you can find here in our decorations. All this enhanced by numerous leaves of heather, broom and other branches of trees in the region. Simplicity, authenticity, originality if these values speak to you, come and discuss them.

A dress for a country style?

For a country-style wedding, it is necessary to favor a certain style of dress. To be in total agreement with this singular theme, your dress must be vaporous and refined. A dress with a bohemian spirit will be your best ally for this big day. At the same time, elegant and noble, fluid and light, simple and comfortable, such a dress can highlight any figure.

In terms of materials, you will be advised to choose them natural and airy. Chiffon or silk crepe are also the perfect base for this style of dress. By adding lace, you will upgrade your dress with an elegant and chic touch.

For even more authenticity and simplicity, opt for a unique model created entirely in an artisanal way. At the forefront of the trend, you can only dazzle your audience!

A country wedding in Lorraine

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