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4 days hike in the vOSGES

Discover the beauty of the Vosges with a 4-day hiking proposal. Get back to nature and explore this beautiful region in a unique way with our ecological camping accommodation in the middle of the forest.

Hiking experience in the heart of the Darney forest

Our digitised routes will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Vosges, from lush forests to breathtaking panoramas. You can be sure that you will have a relaxing time. And our reviews say it all:

Jean-Charles Perreau 5 months ago on Google 5/5

Superb place in the heart of the forest. A warm welcome, top cabins, cosy ... And what about the table d'hôte, delicious, copious and a friendly atmosphere, ...

Visited in August 2022


em my 3 months ago on Google 5/5

We tried out both the camping and the wooden hut of the three little pigs and we were delighted to experience the arrival of autumn in the middle of the Verbamont clearing! The outdoor kitchen is very well equipped for cooking and ...

Visited in October 2022


alain 59 4 months ago on Google 5/5

Super week 3D Relaxation, disconnection, change of scenery You have a soul of builders? Don't hesitate to build easily and quickly.

Visited in September 2022


Carole Poussin 4 months ago on Google 5/5

This is a great place to stay, and it's a great place to visit, and it's a great place to stay. No regrets, Christophe and his team are great. Accommodation, breakfast, dinner, everything was there. Thank you, we will be back.

Type of trip Holiday

Rooms5,0, Service5,0, Location5,0

Visited in August 2022


Ecological Camping Accommodation

At Verbamont Glade, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible and offer luxurious and sustainable camping accommodation in the middle of nature, perfect for getting away from it all.

Day by day itinerary

We have carefully planned each day's activities so you don't have to worry about missing anything! Here is a 4-day proposal

Day 1: Arrival, pack your bags but go hiking....

Arrival may take a little time, but we'll help you plan an itinerary for yourself. Why not get out and explore the area with a short walk?

The Wolf Gorge, you can find this walk on the visorando app it is not long but puts you straight into the mood three WWW "Wild, Water, Wise nature!"

here is the link to find the walk

After sunset, why not enjoy a delicious dinner by a warm fire inside your cabin or by your tent, using a brazier.

Day 2: Exploring the beautiful landscape

Getting out into the wild and exploring nature can bring an incredible sense of joy and satisfaction. With the right equipment, you can easily set up camp and experience nature in all its glory. There's nothing like enjoying the wonders of nature away from the hectic lifestyle, and eco camping or cabins offer you that peace and quiet, as well as captivating views of your surroundings.

On the second day we plan a quiet outing with the potential for a refreshing swim. You will visit Moscow, Jerusalem and the beautiful Blue Pond.

You will be able to swim there and in season eat blueberries! A nice easy ride but with some interesting stops along the way including the iron, glass and wood museum.

All this is digitised and can be found here, at the Verbamont clearing.

Day 3: Heritage, art in the forest

We suggest you go to the Ourche valley, on the programme for this day, a waterfall, a bridge where you can bungee jump, the architectural complex of Droiteval and its beautiful abbey, the path of the 4 ponds and its photo exhibition in the middle of the forest.

The trail is here, you can also find it on the visorando application.

Day 4: Completion of your journey and reflection on the stay

For the 4th day, we plan a tour southwards to the oldest glass factory in France, you can also see the glassmakers at work during a beautiful day of hiking in the forest.

the gpx track is here and we also give you the info

Conclusion and tips for your trip

It is always a good idea to start looking for your accommodation as early as possible. Use the internet and apps, and contact locals who know the area for advice. They can often provide advice on the best places to stay in that area. With their knowledge of the area, including seasonal weather and attractions, these local experts can easily recommend a great place to rest and relax. Ask Christophe or Liz for advice on where to go for a walk or hike.

The perfect getaway

If you are looking for a unique way to get away from your daily routine, and you love nature, ecology, conviviality, historical and natural heritage,

This post was written by Christophe, la clairière du Verbamont, an ATYPIC CAMPSITE in the heart of the Vosges forest, beautiful holidays to offer yourself, you want to know more, it's here ....

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