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Décorations de mariage

unusual accommodation for 6 people

There are plenty of unusual accommodation options to accommodate six people! Here are some ideas:

  1. Treehouse: Spacious cabins perched in the trees offering a unique experience and often designed for groups.

  2. Yurt: Traditional Mongolian dwellings that can be arranged to accommodate several people.

  3. Safari tents: Luxurious tents with comfortable amenities and often room to accommodate several occupants.

  4. Floating Homes: On-water accommodations, such as houseboats or floating homes, may be available for groups.

  5. Geodesic Domes: Geometric structures offering a unique and often spacious lodging experience for multiple people.

  6. Quirky cabins or cabins: Some cabins or cabins have unusual designs and can accommodate groups.

To find this type of accommodation, specialized online platforms such as Airbnb, Glamping Hub or Abritel could be useful. They often offer a wide variety of unusual options suitable for different numbers of people.


At what price ?


Prices for unusual accommodations that can accommodate six people can vary considerably depending on several factors:

  1. Type of accommodation: The type of unusual accommodation you choose will have an impact on the price. Treehouses, yurts, safari tents, houseboats, etc. will have different prices.

  2. Location: Prices vary depending on geographic location. Accommodations close to tourist attractions or in high-demand areas may be more expensive.

  3. Seasonality: Rates may fluctuate depending on the season. Peak tourist periods may result in higher prices.

  4. Amenities and services: Some unusual accommodations offer additional amenities and services which may influence prices. For example, the presence of a jacuzzi, included meals, special activities, etc.

To give you an approximate price range, rates can vary from €100 to €500 (or more) per night depending on the criteria mentioned above. However, this can vary greatly and it is recommended to check online booking sites or contact owners directly to obtain accurate rates for the specific unusual accommodation and period desired.

Where to find good deals?

There are several ways to find good deals for a stay for six people in an unusual cabin:

  1. Online booking sites: Platforms like Airbnb,, Glamping Hub, Abritel, and others offer a range of unusual accommodations. You can filter the results based on the number of people and your preferences.

  2. Promotions and special offers: Subscribe to newsletters or follow the social pages of booking sites or accommodation providers to be aware of promotions and special offers. Sometimes discount codes are available.

  3. Group packages: Some accommodation providers offer reduced rates for groups or extended stays. By contacting them directly, you could negotiate special rates for a group of six people.

  4. Specialized sites or travel forums: Sites dedicated to unusual trips or traveler forums can share recommendations and deals for specific unusual cabins, sometimes with exclusive discounts.

  5. Seasonality and flexibility: Being flexible on your stay dates can help you find special offers or off-peak periods when rates are more favorable.

  6. Direct contact with accommodation providers: Do not hesitate to contact the owners of unusual accommodation directly. They might offer special rates for groups or be willing to negotiate.

By combining these strategies and keeping an eye out for special offers, you could find great deals for a stay for six people in an unusual cabin. Don't forget to check reviews and ratings from other travelers to ensure you choose quality accommodation.


Direct booking with the host vs booking via a platform?


There are several reasons why it may be better to book directly with the host rather than through a platform like Airbnb, for example:

  1. Additional costs: Online booking platforms may charge a service or reservation fee that increases the total price you pay. By booking directly with the host, you can sometimes avoid these additional costs.

  2. Direct Communication: By booking directly, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with the host to ask questions, discuss specific needs or negotiate special arrangements. This can make it easier to personalize your stay.

  3. Special Offers and Promotions: Some accommodation providers offer special offers or discounts when booking directly with them. These offers may not be available on booking platforms.

  4. Better transparency: Sometimes booking platforms don't provide all the necessary information about accommodation or may restrict certain communications. By booking directly, you can get more precise details about the accommodation, its rules and facilities.

However, online booking platforms often offer protection and insurance for transactions, as well as rating and review systems to help assess the quality of accommodations. It is therefore important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

An interesting proposition...

La Clairière du Verbamont est un endroit charmant en pleine nature, offrant une cabane en pierre pouvant accueillir jusqu'à 6 personnes à un tarif de départ de 102 €. C'est une proposition intéressante pour ceux qui recherchent un hébergement écologique et rustique tout en étant proche de la nature.

Ce type d'offre peut varier en fonction des saisons, des services inclus, et des dates de réservation. Il est judicieux de vérifier directement sur leur site web ou de les contacter pour obtenir des détails précis sur les tarifs, les services inclus et les disponibilités pour planifier votre séjour à la Clairière du Verbamont.

Si le prix annoncé démarre à 102 € pour la cabane en pierre pouvant accueillir six personnes, cela pourrait constituer une opportunité intéressante pour profiter d'un séjour écologique et en pleine nature à un tarif raisonnable. N'oubliez pas de vous renseigner sur les équipements, les activités disponibles et les conditions de réservation pour tirer le meilleur parti de votre séjour.

Vous pouvez effectuer votre réservation en ligne directement ou auprès de Christophe le propriétaire qui a crée et gère le camping.

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