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In transition, we give you time to take care of yourself...

Inspire !


Our campsite is an inspiring place so that everyone can take the time to take a step back from their lives and take some time for themselves.

During the cold season, this period more focused on introspection, we wish to open up to everyone: regardless of their financial means, regardless of the weather and in more basic comfort. This will hopefully invite our guests to take a step back from our world and their lives.

In transition, our formula...

The “Winter” formula

Hiver douillet

Until March 17, 2024  we do not offer breakfast or dinner service,  nor bed linen.

You will find  in your cabin, obviously beds, tables, storage spaces, electricity, dry toilets at the back of your cabin.

The cabin is equipped with a wood stove and firewood is at your disposal.

You have access to the block heated sanitary facilities and also board games at reception.

An outdoor kitchen area is at your disposal including gas hob, microwave, refrigerator. During periods of extreme cold, the water may be turned off in the kitchen area to prevent the pipes from freezing. You can then draw water from the sanitary area.

You can also come by campervan or caravan in which case we provide you with electricity and a pitch

In transition, building a world alongside...

Payment method...unusual?


We want to innovate!


Here are the accepted means of payment in order of preference:

  • donation of value according to the formula you prefer (object made by yourself, “preservable” food, gift voucher (in accordance with the philosophy of the place please),

  • free currency June (Ǧ1), for those who do not know this free currencyhere is a link

  • euros in cash

  • check made payable to the TRIPLE A association

In transition, freedom

What price?


It's up to you to choose from these three "prices" (per night):

  • in the cabin:

- “hummingbird” formula:  20 Ǧ1 or 20 € for 1 or two people or equivalent as you wish

- "tit" formula: donation of 50 Ǧ1 35 € for 1 or two people or equivalent as you wish

- “owl” formula: gift of  100 Ǧ1 or 50 € for 1 or two people or equivalent as you wish

If you wish to come with more than two people, the "price" is free for the additional people.

  • In your caravan or motorhome :

- free price: in Ǧ1, € or other

In transition, commitment...

How to book?

Femme au téléphone

Choose the wooden cabin or the cabin pierre (stone) , or an order of preference

Tell us the dates of your arrival, Name, First name, Telephone, email, number of people.

A response will be provided to you by email and/or telephone within 48 hours.

Send us a commitment check for €30 payable to the Verbamont clearing, write the date of your arrival on the back. This check will be returned to you on your arrival, it allows everyone to feel "committed" to honoring the exchange. In the event of non-arrival or cancellation less than 7 days before the arrival date, the check will be retained.

You can of course contact us by telephone on 06 52 06 05 10 for more information.

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