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out of ideas for an original Christmas gift

What is an Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift?

Theeco christmas giftsare a great way to offer meaning in this season of gift mess that serve to clutter up cupboards, our lives and our planet.

Environmentally friendly, they bring more meaning to those who give and those who receive the gift.

Among the ecological Christmas gifts are: organic food, sustainable clothing, reusable water bottles, ecological toys but also immaterial moments to share.

Because objects break and memories remain, we offer you inspiring gift cards for the eco-friendly brother who needs nothing, the sister who only eatsorganicand which in addition is minimalist!

What am I going to offer toChristmasto granny? She already has everything at home even more than anything.

Another closet!

So what am I going to give Grandpa for Christmas? last year it was chocolate, the year before organic wine….

This year make a group gift for the whole tribe. Offer an unusual weekend for grandpa and grandma, a good gift for the whole tribe. As you make several gifts in one, it's smart and eco-friendly!


Eco-friendly Christmas gifts under €10

The holiday season is right around the corner and if you're still struggling to find a gift for your loved ones, here are some eco-friendly and budget-friendly Christmas gifts under £10.

  1. Eco-friendly reusable cup, she already has plenty of them in the cupboard

  2. Eco-friendly reusable lunch bag, will it be useful to him?

  3. Pack of ecological straws, it's stingy no!

  4. Ecological gift card, yes but what Nature and discovery, too banal!

  5. Green makeup, but she told me she prefers to stay natural!

  6. pretty glass jars to put all the food in bulk (cereals, legumes, oilseeds, muesli, dried fruits, spices, etc.). We find them in all sizes and more!

  7. THE reference book on the zero waste lifestyle! it is full of good, easy and clever advice to limit our waste.

  8. loose tea in a beautiful recycling box, a good idea by the way, I already made it for his birthday

  9. a wooden hairbrush, why not?

  10. the compost bin, ok I admit there are more glamorous as a gift!

  11. the game of the 3 little pigs in the clearing imagined and produced by Yanael, Timéo and their dad. A very simple game that is played by 4. You can buy it for 5 € on the spot or 10 € sent to your home. This is personalized because no one has this game!

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids and Families

We all want to give ecological and healthy gifts for the family. But, it's not always easy to find one gift at a timeecologicalandconvenient. Here are some great eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas for kids and families.

1) Ecological toys: Thetoyscan be made from organic materials like wood, natural wool or materialsrecycledlike cardboard.

2) Eco-friendly clothing: Clothing can be made from organic cotton or recycled materials such as plastic bottles or old t-shirts.

3)Books ecological: Books can be made from recycled paper or productsnaturallike bamboo paper.

Trendy Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

An eco-friendly, fashionable and not so expensive gift is a perfect Christmas gift for her.

There are plenty of things you can buy for your girlfriend on this list or on the internet that are trendy, unique, and eco-friendly. But suddenly on a weekend of relaxation in the countryside, it will please him. In addition to the clearing of Verbamont there are many things to do.

Treehouse €200, very comfortable cabin €300 per night, box gift box, the poisoned and impersonal gift (my girlfriend told me that last year) Why put such a budget there just for a night. At the verbamont glade you will find gift cards for less than €100 for the weekend. And if you think she'll be disappointed, check out our customer reviews!

Trendy Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

If you are looking for a gift for your man for Christmas, this article offers you some eco-responsible gift ideas. These gifts will make him feel special and loved.

Here are some of the best eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas for him that you can give him something different and unique. : The Gift of a Wildflower Seed Kit - Who wouldn't love to plant a wildflower seed in their garden? This gift is not only sustainable, but also brings a bit of nature into the house! Tea Towels - Does your man like to drink tea? Well nowyou can offer him superb ecological tea towels! They are handmade and they are super cute. You will give him somethinghe can use it every day and watch him do the dishes or clean up!

Or think of the two of you and surprise him by going away together for the weekend. Give him a surprise gift. He will find out later.

Offer a moment to share vs a material gift

Quite simply because objects break and memories remain!Vosges proverb


We hope this article has helped you find new gift ideas and ways to make your Christmas shopping experience more enjoyable and less expensive.

And if I offered an unusual weekend in nature, it will please him!

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