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Original gift idea for Mother's Day, Mother's Day

bonne fete papa humoristique.jpeg

des coloriages pour mon papa

coloriage pour la fete des peres
coloriage pour la fete des peres
coloriage pour la fete des peres
coloriage pour la fete des peres
coloriage pour la fete des peres
coloriage pour la fete des peres

Click on thepicturewhoever you like, it will expand and you can print it tocoloringand give it to your dad for hisParty

give a gift for dads day

Offer a gift that pleases your dad, a family night in the cabin of the 3 little pigs! An experience that will please your dad for sure.

Here's everything you can do with him on Father's Day:

  • take him fishing

  • play together UNO (there is the Verbamont game) and tons of other games

  • try solar games (where you play with the shadow of the sun which activates small photovoltaic cells)

  • ride a bikeor mountain biking

  • play table football at the reception

  • visit the prehistory park in Darney and its saber-toothed tigers!

  • visit Darney's confectionery, dad will even find candy from the Vosges there, the ones he loves when he has a sore throat

  • walk in the woods while wolf is not there!

  • do the dishes, just for fun!

  • play petanque and lots of other stuff

  • hunting the mammoth again for fun, it doesn't exist anymore

  • drink wine, he has the right, not me yet

  • eat at the table d'hôte with Christophe and Liz, they cook too well!

  • bathe in the river

  • make a barbecue

  • pick cuckoo clocks and flowers from the woods to please mum

  • visit the glass factory, where you can see the glassmakers who blow the glass, it's impressive

  • discover the beaver burrows next to the Ourche

  • eat wild strawberries, it's grandpa who loves wild strawberries!

  • listening to the roar of the deer, it's scary

  • make animal casts, too good

  • play giant mikado, too difficult

  • look for mushrooms, yum

  • sleep in a tent or better in a cabin

  • pick blueberries

  • build huts in the forest or the super hutVerbamon-T

  • hunt rabbits in the clearing to pet them

  • drink golaye beers, SNIF, I still don't have the right!

  • and above all, above allgrill marshmallows!!!!

Hewon't be bored!

Why offer such an unusual gift to your dad

  • it's original, better than an impersonal box

  • it's personalized, I can even make a custom gift voucher,  possibility of taking the dog to the cabin.

  • It's simple and I think everyone will like it

  • it doesn't clutter the cupboards!

  • It will remind him of our holidays!

  • it is to share with us his children!

  • Sleeping in eco camping Nature is original!

  • It raises awareness of respect for our planet, it likes us! Because it is we who are going to live with it for a long time yet!


Order a gift voucher online from our selection orask for a personalized gift voucher from the Clairière du Verbamont

That's the story of Mother's Day, I'm also going to give it to dad, because he always forgets!

 Since when and why do we dedicate a day to our mothers?

From Antiquity, mothers were in the spotlight. But in another way: among the Greeks, it was the mother of the gods, Rhea, who was celebrated. The Romans, in the 5th century BC, paid homage to women and mothers. This festival bore the name of “Matraliae” and celebrated Mater Matuta, the goddess of dawn and childbirth. It took place on June 11, as we approach the summer solstice.

This tradition reappears only in the 16th century, among the English. The English then instituted “mothering Sunday”: the Sunday of mothers. This time, it is a question of giving the right to the servants of very large families "so engmish" to have a quiet day in order to find themselves quietou in family.

It was not until the 19th century that the festival was born in France. In 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte evoked the creation of an official Mother's Day, which would be celebrated at spring. But the idea is slow to take shape. In 1897, the National Alliance Against Depopulation launched another idea: a children's party, to highlight the importance of fertility and honor the family.

It is to the Fraternal Union of Deserving Family Fathers of Artas that we owe the very first celebration of mothers.En June 1906, Isère then decided to reward the most deserving mothers, all in a real festive atmosphere, as evidenced by the parades in the very  decorated streets. In 1918, Colonel de la Croix-Laval set up the first "Mothers' Day" in Lyon.

In 1941, General Marshal Pétain instituted  the “national day of mothers“. After the 2nd World War, on May 24, 1950, the President of the Republic V. Auriol promulgated a text of law instituting Mother's Day. It is then definitively fixed for the last Sunday of May. If this date coincides with that of the Pentecost, Mother's Day takes place on the first Sunday of June.

This law provides that: “The French Republic officially pays tribute each year to French mothers during a day dedicated to the celebration of 'Mother's Day', organized by the Minister for Health. Today, it is also a tradition in some families that mothers receive a gift on this day. Here is Daddy, don't forget

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